This morning's call was important for me.  For the first time after having a challenging year it was empowering to put into words what I was feeling and get feedback from the group on my business problem I was working through. Thank You for Inviting Me to Join the Small Biz Group! I was able to go out after the group and solve the issue with complete confidence.

Since I first stated G & L services, a commercial & residential lawn care service. I really didn’t know where to begin. I thought all I needed was to print up some business cards and hand them out to people that needed their lawns cut. But, it wasn’t till I met Jocelyn who sat me down and patiently took me step by step to creating a business plan, setting up my business structure. She even went beyond to help me find free online services that would help me keep track of my finances and customers which saved me hundreds of dollars on accounting fees. 

Jocelyn is a passionate business coach and top notch, experienced nonprofit leader. She works magic with boards to keep the business moving in the right direction and has been instrumental in the growth and long term survival of many nonprofit organizations. She is strategically oriented and well versed in politics and compliance. Jocelyn and her company have a long history of finding and writing grant applications resulting in millions awarded to her clients. If you have a nonprofit looking for a solution, I wholeheartedly recommend Jocelyn and her team. 

Jocelyn Van Coney epitomizes the definition of coach to me as a small business owner. Coaches encourage you, push you, and pull things out of you that you didn't know were in you. Jocelyn has helped guide me through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, but more importantly, she has helped me rediscover and grow my inner talent through support and strategy. They say that if "it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." If you are looking for change, I highly recommend Jocelyn Van Coney to be the mentor to chaperone you on your journey of growth, strength, and positive change. 

Jocelyn is in a league of her own. I would highly recommend you seek her services if you are looking to start a nonprofit or business. She takes action immediately! You will not be disappointed with the value of service she delivers.

I recently launched my business page and was looking to help potential clients, to help them get their book noticed by publishers, but I was struggling. I wondered where I was going wrong and sought out Jocelyn to see if she could give me advice, which she explained where I was going wrong. The answers she gave me were invaluable and the information really helped me to develop things a lot better, and I would highly recommend speaking to Jocelyn as she can give you the best answers.